Hiking trails

You will find on this page a non-exhaustive list of hiking trails to be carried out near the gîte.

Loop of the 21

Along this path, enjoy part of the heritage of the flax culture in Trégor. You will discover in particular the "routoirs", washhouse-type hole, built with small stone walls, not far from the presence of water (pond or small stream) to soak the flax and extract the fibers. This built heritage was patiently brought out of oblivion by the locals.

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Loop of the 3 chapels of Lanmodez

10.05km hiking circuit to be carried out from the town of Lanmodez located 3 km from my lodging.

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Talbert's Trail Loop

The Sillon du Talbert, a unique geological curiosity in Europe, is a bank of pebbles and sand formed over the centuries by the mixed currents of the estuaries of the Trieux and the Jaudy. This mineral spire is a shelter for many birds. It is located at the end of the Lezardrieux peninsula also called the wild peninsula. With a width of 35 meters, it advances in the form of a roadway into the sea up to the considerable distance of 3 km and the sea never covers it. One of the legends says that Merlin would have built this path by dumping millions of stones in order to join the fairy Viviane. Another legend says that Morgana, on Talbert Island, fell in love with King Arthur. To reach it, it threw stones towards the coast, which multiplied in millions of pebbles.

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Tour of the Lézardrieux peninsula, also called the wild peninsula

Between Trieux and Jaudy, the Lézardrieux Peninsula alternates a very rugged rocky coast, estuaries with varied landscapes and a typical market gardening campaign. From the Furrow of Talbert to the Jardin de Kerdalo via Tréguier and the castle of La Roche Jagu, the landscapes follow one another and mix natural and cultural riches.

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